Up to 1k API free calls per month

Backend in minutes
with simple blocks

Flexible lightening-fast nocode backend with simple drag-and-drop blocks. Supports authentication, SQL and NoSQL databases, Stripe payments and 3rd party APIs.


Building an endpoint in 120 seconds

This is about UNI-Prime


Drag and drop your new backend API.

Use a few basic building blocks to build complex API endpoints. Connect to your MongoDB or Firestore database. Setup authorization with JSON web tokens, payments with Stripe, email with Nodemailer or SMS with Twilio.



No deployment is required. You are live!

There is no need for managing servers, version deployments, 3rd party libraries packages etc. The endpoints of the nocode backend are automatically live and can be called from your frontend right away. There is a Debug panel to test the endpoints for different Headers and Body parameters.

This is about UNI-Prime
This is about UNI-Prime

Data Ownership

100% control of your data

Data stored can be stored in MongoDB, Firestore or EasyDB. That means that you can view and edit your data from MongoDB compass or OpenBase or Firestore cloud dashboard. At the same time you can build any other app to connect to the database as you would if you were building with code.

Coming Soon: SQL support (Postgres & MySQL)

appion integration



appion integration



appion integration



appion integration




Authentication, databases, payments and more.

Every endpoint requires a Request block for receiving the request and getting the HTTP headers, query params and body and one or more Reponse block for sending out data. There are the Bcrypt and Jwt blocks for json web token authentication, Stripe block for handling payments, a Code block that supports Javascript for more complex needs and database integrations such as MongoDB, Firestore, EasyDB integrations. SQL support (Postgres & MySQL) is coming soon.

Use Cases

Common uses and applications


Store and verify user credentials with the Bcrypt block. Get user session with Jwt block.

Custom CMS

Use the MongoDB or Firestore block to query or update your database.


The Stripe block allows one-off charges and recurring payments through subscriptions.

API Aggregation

Fetch data from any 3rd-party API like Skyscanner and Yahoo Finance using with the Webhook block.


Query data from your database and create useful reports with the MongoDB block.

Email / SMS / Push

Coming soon Send welcome messages with the Email block or the Push Notifications block or 2FA passcodes with the SMS block.

This is about UNI-Prime

Build & Scale

Nocode backend in minutes

✓ Build your endpoints with simple drag and drop blocks
✓ Supports MongoDB, Firestore & EasyDB
✓ Allows for different enviroments such as dev, stag and prod

User Stories

Things our users say

It's just simple drag and drop and you build a backend which used to be the hardest bit about building software.

The dev team really likes how Diagram plays nice with our existing backend. We don’t use Diagram for everything but for things we do it's at least 90% easier.

It's sweet you can test product ideas that fast. My new favourite nocode stack is Webflow + Diagram + MongoDB. I call it WDM!


Commonly asked questions

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